Smartphone compatibility (Bluetooth 4.0)

Pacif-i, The Connected Pacifier is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that are Bluetooth 4.0 (or later) compatible.  

Bluetooth 4.0 was first introduced into smartphones from 2011.  Most smartphones and tablets sold from 2013 onwards are Bluetooth 4.0 (or later) compatible.  Every iOS and Android smartphone and tablet sold today has Bluetooth 4.0.

The following iOS devices are Bluetooth 4.0 enabled:


  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus


  • iPad, 3rd generation
  • iPad, 4th generation
  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2


The following Android devices are Bluetooth 4.0 enabled, but this list is not exhaustive and the latest models from these manufacturers are almost always Bluetooth 4.0 enabled:

  • HTC One, Max, Mini, One M8, Nexus 9, Desire models(with 4.3+)
  • LG G2, G Pro2, G Flex, Vu3.0
  • Motorola Moto G, Moto X, Moto E, Moto X
  • Motorola Droid RAZR M, RAZR HD, RAZR Maxx HD
  • Motorola Droid Ultra, Maxx, Mini (OS v4.4+ only), Turbo
  • Motorola Nexus 6
  • LGE Nexus 4, 5, 7 (2013)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3, S3 Mini, S4, S4 Mini, S4 Active, S5, S5 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Note 10.1, Note 4
  • Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z1 Compact, Z3 
  • Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Ultra, ZR, ZL
  • Sony Xperia SP, T, TX, V

At this point there is no intention to have Pacif-i, The Connected Pacifier with devices other than iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, although this will be subject to regular review depending on demand.

What is Bluetooth 4.0?

Bluetooth 4.0 is officially referred to as "Bluetooth Smart" by Bluetooth itself, but most smartphone manufacturers refer to is by its numeric designation due to the different versions of Bluetooth Smart.  It is also referred to as Bluetooth Low Energy.  Bluetooth 4.0 is the leading technology in wearable devices due to its ability to run on small coin cell batteries for a long time, sometimes many years.