Tempo Disc™ Generation 3 now available

We are pleased to announce the third generation of our Tempo Disc range of Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and data loggers are now available.

The following enhancements and improvements have been introduced:

  • A new command line interface has been implemented which allows commands to be given straight to the Tempo Disc device.  This allows users greater flexibility in setting up their Tempo Disc to meet their use case.
  • More information is now transmitted in each advertisement packet meaning users need not connect to Tempo Disc as often to get the information they need.
  • The Bluetooth chip is based on Nordic Semiconductors latest nRF52832 System on Chip which uses an Arm Cortex M4 for greater processing speed.  All devices now have 64K Ram and 512k Flash memory.
  • New apps which have cleaner / less cluttered user interfaces to make navigating the apps easier.
  • New plastic enclosures that feature enhanced battery compartment as well as the introduction of silicone holders that enable Tempo Disc to be deployed in a number of different ways.

If you have any questions on the new range of Tempo Disc Bluetooth sensors and data loggers do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the Blue Maestro Sales and Support staff.

Blue Maestro Team